Veo que anda todo el mundo otra vez revolucionado por España con el precio de la electricidad. Yo ya he hablado aquí de este asunto, pero hoy me apetece especialmente copiar y pegar de la Wikipedia. La negrita es mía:

Hydro-Québec is a public utility that manages the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity in Quebec. In 2011, electricity accounted for about 40% of all energy used in the province, 99% of which was generated from water.

It was formed by the Government of Quebec in 1944 from the expropriation of private firms. This was followed by massive investment in hydro-electric projects like Churchill Falls and the James Bay Project. Today, with 63 hydroelectric power stations, the combined output capacity is 36,912 megawatts. Extra power is exported from the province and Hydro-Québec supplies 10 per cent of New England's power requirements.

Hydro-Québec is a state-owned enterprise based in Montreal. In 2015, it paid CAD$2.36 billion in dividends to its sole shareholder, the Government of Québec. Its residential power rates are among the lowest in North America.

Un sitio raro, este. Tenemos la luz nacionalizada y todavía no he visto checas por las calles. Las tendrán bien escondidas.