This is a small list of data analysis and other related projects I have done during the last years. The code for most, if not all of them, can be found on my github account.

Data analysis projects

From time to time I publish some data analysis for fun in this blog. The code for all of them is centralized in this github repository.

Twitter deletion scripts

I quit Twitter and Facebook at the end of 2016. Before that, I coded a set of scripts to delete all old tweets and keep only the last N. If you find them useful, please use them.


A reddit bot that summarizes links in the comment of selected posts. Currently decommissioned.


Code here.

Takes links from the front page / pending page from (a digg/reddit clone in Spanish) and re-ranks them using the likes and shares scores from Facebook and Twitter. Effectively, it builds a news aggregator site without users. It ran on until the Spanish government passed a stupid Intellectual Property law (more on this here, in Spanish) and I took it down.


Code here, site live here.

A better rank-es version, without Spanish media sources and with a commenting system. rank-es used to run on Google App Engine, but this is now a stand-alone application that generates static HTML files, so the whole system is quite fast.

I wrote a longer blog post about it.

Update: after some Facebook and Twitter API changes, this doesn't work anymore using guest access.


Code here.

Filters Kiva's field partners according to their secular and social scores computed by this team. This is a very old project with a very basic structure, but was one of the first things I did when learning Python. Results refreshed hourly at when the university servers are up.


I have published the code for some Kaggle competitions I have taken part in. Here is the link to my public Kaggle profile.