I have just released /u/WishToKnowMore (and its associated subreddit, /r/WishToKnowMore), a link-summarizing bot.

This bot inspects most of the comments in a given thread and extracts the 50 most relevant links (according to the score of the comment that contains them). It then publishes a new post in that subreddit with the resulting table. Threads are not processed immediately: there has to be a delay of 24 hours since the thread was started to give it time to have comments and let the scoring system do its job. If you want to process a thread older than that, it will be done in the next batch (the bot runs every 10 minutes).

In order to call it, you only have to write a comment in the thread you are interested in with the string "!WishToKnowMore" (don't write anything else or your request will be ignored). From that point on, everything is pretty much automatic. You will receive a message pointing you to the summary as soon as it is posted.

There is more info, and a FAQ, here.

For those of you who are curious, here is the code.