I'm writing this post just in case the following chain of extremely improbable events take place: a) someone has read one of the articles I published in my prior life as an academic; b) wants to get in contact with me to ask something or make a comment; c) has tried the e-mail address listed in the paper and has received an error message; and d) has gone to Google to search for the e-mail address to see if they can find another way to contact me.

As I said, extremely unlikely, but as posting on the blog is free, it won't hurt.

For reasons I don't really know, my e-mail addresses in the domain hggm.es no longer work. If you want to get in contact with me, you can find up to date information here and, if I don't change the blog template too much, in a box right below this post.

There is no comment system. If you want to tell me something about this article, you can do so via e-mail or Mastodon.