Percentage of job postings on HN that mention a remote 

The entire plot is generated by an R script that you can found here. Any suggestions (you can find my e-mail address on the "about" page) are welcome.

There's a secondary plot here that displays the raw number of postings (total and remote).

Caveats, and why this is just an approximation:

  • The script works by retrieving all first-level comments in the monthly Who's hiring post and assumes that every one is a job offer. That might not be the case.
  • These posts should comply with some formatting rules, specially regarding the first line. The script only looks at the first line and checks if the word "remote" is present, nothing more sophisticated.
  • The script is also not checking if the job specifically says that remote is not an option in the first line, or whether there are geographical / time restrictions (e.g. only Pacific time +/- N hours, etc.)

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