Primer artículo del año y resulta que es para recomendar una cuenta de Twitter. Nos hacemos mayores.

@FFD8FFDB publica de forma periódica imágenes estáticas obtenidas de cámaras de vigilancia que no se han configurado de forma adecuada y se encuentran abiertas al público. Derek Arnold, su creador, explica:

For the last few months, I’ve been running two semi-anonymous projects that use unsecured network cameras. My goal was to present the appearance of these cameras as aesthetic, rather than intrusive; beautiful instead of filthy.


My first project to incorporate insecure camera imagery is @ffd8ffdb. At an interval I select a camera from my list, and exclude cameras I’ve found that are in private spaces. My script captures a frame, and gums it up with an Imagemagick script. I modify the colors in the YUV colorspace, crop out identifying information provided in the margins, and ensure the images are consistent. I use Wordnik to generate accompanying text and replace some characters with graphics characters. This is just for effect. @ffd8ffdb’s goal is superficial; I just like the way the tweets look. I enjoy that strangers find it unsettling, amusing, or even uninteresting. Like other Twitter bots, its unending tenacity is part of its charm. Many cameras go dark at night, most not having enough illumination to provide images. The bot doesn’t care and keeps stealing shots.

Ya no es solamente la vigilancia continua: es que esta vigilancia, al estar puesta en marcha por humanos (por definición, falibles), se encuentra expuesta de forma constante a la chapuza.

(Visto gracias a William Gibson).