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  • Frenchman sues Uber for €45m blaming glitch in app for his divorce.

    A French businessman has filed for €45 million in reparations from Uber. His complaint? That Uber allegedly caused his divorce after his wife received notifications about his trips and suspected he was being unfaithful.

  • [PDF] De-anonymizing Web Browsing Data with Social Networks. HackerNews discussion here.

    Can online trackers and network adversaries de-anonymize web browsing data readily available to them? We show —theoretically, via simulation, and through experiments on real user data— that de-identified web browsing histories can be linked to social media profiles using only publicly available data


  • Facebook's AI unlocks the ability to search photos by what's in them.

    Initially used to improve the experience for visually impaired members of the Facebook community, the company's Lumos computer vision platform is now powering image content search for all users. This means you can now search for images on Facebook with key words that describe the contents of a photo, rather than being limited by tags and captions.

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