• Filtering to noise or nothing at all. Machine Learning in markets. Hacker News discussion.

    Academic finance literature naively applying machine learning (ML) and artificial neural network (ANN) techniques to market price prediction is a dumb farce. While this probably won’t surprise anyone who has done a paper replication in the past 6+ years, despite all of the advancements in algorithms and hardware, and despite all of the new domains ANN’s have conquered, financial academics still insist on throwing feces at the wall. In fact, their simian proclivities might be getting worse.

  • How Google is making music with artificial intelligence.

    Can computers be creative? That’s a question bordering on the philosophical, but artificial intelligence (AI) can certainly make music and artwork that people find pleasing. Last year, Google launched Magenta, a research project aimed at pushing the limits of what AI can do in the arts. Science spoke with Douglas Eck, the team’s lead in San Francisco, California, about the past, present, and future of creative AI. This interview has been edited for brevity and clarity.


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