• Payment Processors Are Profiling Heavy Metal Fans as Terrorists.

    If you happen to be a fan of the heavy metal band Isis (an unfortunate name, to be sure), you may have trouble ordering its merchandise online. Last year, Paypal suspended a fan who ordered an Isis t-shirt, presumably on the false assumption that there was some association between the heavy metal band and the terrorist group ISIS.

  • AI Creates Fake Obama.

    Artificial intelligence software could generate highly realistic fake videos of former president Barack Obama using existing audio and video clips of him, a new study [PDF] finds.

    Such work could one day help generate digital models of a person for virtual reality or augmented reality applications, researchers say.

  • AI and ‘Enormous Data’ Could Make Tech Giants Harder to Topple.

    Showing that more data can equal more performance out even at huge scale suggests that there could be even greater benefits to being a data-rich tech giant like Google, Facebook, or Microsoft than previously realized. Crunching Google’s giant dataset of 300 million images didn’t produce a huge benefit—jumping from 1 million to 300 million images increased the object detection score achieved by just 3 percentage points—but the paper’s authors say they think can widen that advantage by tuning their software to be better suited to super-large datasets. Even if that turns out not to be the case, in the tech industry small advantages can be important. Every incremental gain in the accuracy of self-driving car vision will be crucial, for example, and a small efficiency boost to a product that draws billions in revenue adds up fast.

  • This Deep Learning AI Generated Thousands of Creepy Cat Pictures.

    Case in point is the Meow Generator, a collection of machine learning algorithms that have been unleashing thousands of disturbing cat faces on the world—15,749 of them, to be exact.

    These creepy cats are the design of Alexia Jolicoeur-Martineau, a data scientist with a passion for machine learning and kitties.


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