Newett and Spotify's other engineers have spent the last year tweaking the service's infrastructure to be able to handle the workload of simultaneously making 100 million different playlists. Now they're looking for other places to use the tech, starting with brand-new music. Release Radar's a little different from Discover Weekly. Since the tracks are new, Spotify obviously has no listening data. Instead, the company relies on its deep and specific knowledge of the music itself, along with your listening history, to figure out what you might want to know about.

After treatment for a woman suffering from leukemia proved ineffective, a team of Japanese doctors turned to IBM's Watson for help, which was able to successfully determine that she actually suffered from a different, rare form of leukemia than the doctors had originally believed.

Police are arresting people for crimes they've not committed yet using a new computer algorithm software that identifies criminal behavior and predicts future crime. Suspects were arrested this year as a result of being put on a predictive policing 'Strategic Subject List' (SSL) and Chicago Special Order S10-06.