But it's important to keep in mind that, even with the Signal protocol in place, WhatsApp's servers can still see messages that users send through the service. They can't see what's inside the messages, but they can see who is sending a message to whom and when. And according to the WhatsApp privacy policy, the company reserves the right to record this information, otherwise known as message metadata, and give it to governments.

[...] self-styled rich kids of Instagram are, often unwittingly, revealing their parents' hidden assets and covert business dealings, providing evidence for investigators to freeze or seize assets worth tens of millions of pounds, and for criminals to defraud their families.

Leading cybersecurity firms said they were using evidence from social media in up to 75% of their litigation cases, ranging from billionaire divorces to asset disputes between oligarchs, with the online activity of super-rich heirs frequently providing the means to bypass their family's security.


[...] clever engineers are inventing new forms of "wild tech" that keep both rare animals, and their human protectors, safer. The revolution is based on remote, real-time monitoring of African animals, relying on attached collars or sensors, satellite tracking, embedded sensors in the landscape, and—in the near future—swarms of small drones. To analyze the vast and expanding pool of data about individual animals requires monitoring algorithms that rapidly create indicators about movement, proximity, and location, using "geofencing," or virtual perimeters of real-world geographic areas.