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New York City is a complex place to drive. And when it comes to parking, there are plenty of rules and regulations to follow. It's no wonder that sometimes people get confused and end up getting their cars ticketed or towed.

But in all of these rules, there is one thing that very few drivers seem to know. As of late 2008, in NYC you can park in front of a sidewalk pedestrian ramp, as long as it's not connected to a crosswalk. It's all written up in the NYC Traffic Rules, and for more detail, take a look at this article. The local legislation making these parking spots legal was proposed by Council Member Gentile, and adopted by the Department of Transportation before it ever made it for a vote. Though few people seem to know about the change.

Is it a problem that drivers don't realize that there are some extra parking spots they are now allowed to park in? Not so much. But, I've got a pedestrian ramp leading to nowhere particular in the middle of my block in Brooklyn, and on occasion I have parked there. Despite the fact that it is legal, I've been ticketed for parking there. Though I get the tickets dismissed, it's a waste of everybody's time. And that got me wondering- How common is it for the police to give tickets to cars legally parked in front of pedestrian ramps? It couldn't be just me…

People between 50 and 59 years old are the group most heavily targeted by email scams, according to the 2014 Internet Crime Report, produced by the FBI and the Internet Crime Complaint Center. Men are particularly liable to fall for vehicle scams, such as buying cars from fake sellers or selling cars to scammers who pay with forged bank checks. Men in their twenties who fall for this scam lose, on average, US $2,000 per reported incident; men over 60 lose more than twice as much. For women, the main scam involves the opportunity to build relationships with handsome, successful men (who of course never show up), with average losses among women in their sixties exceeding $27,000 per incident.