New data analysis competitions

In short, Google offers $5,000 to the accepted students to work on open-source and useful R packages for a few months with the help of mentors, who get contributed code instead of money from this nice, alternative and open summer ~internship. For the full list of past successful GSoC-R projects, see the above URLs or the archived



Churba writes, "Victor from Frostworks threw together a Markov Chain Bot that randomly generates and spits out eerily accurate Trump speeches at the push of a button."

Try it!

The paper highlights the absence of a dialogue around the significant legal risks posed by the collection, use, and international transfer of personally identifiable data and humanitarian information, and the grey areas around assumptions of public good. The paper calls for a critical discussion around the experimental nature of data modelling in emergency response due to mismanagement of information has been largely emphasized to protect the contours of human rights.