• Somehow I missed these two new Kaggle competitions: Airbnb Recruiting: New User Bookings and Telstra Recruiting: Network Disruptions. As their titles suggest, the prize this time is an interview for a position as data scientist at these companies.

  • This second war on crypto is getting really nasty and, in general terms, the media is not helping it. If you are a journalist and would like to actually do some reporting on this issue and not serve merely as a speaker, please consider the following article: How not to report on the encryption ‘debate’. Let me quote the end, as it is extremely important: Encryption is not an issue about which reporters should be “neutral”—it directly affects their wellbeing. Encryption is increasingly an important tool for journalists of all stripes, whether it’s protecting your computer and phone if you go over a border or are arrested, or everyday conversations you have with sources via text message or email that could be swept up in a mass surveillance net. As lawmakers continue to push for legislation around encrypted communications in the coming months, there will no doubt be many more stories written by journalists around the country. Let’s hope that as the story continues to unfold, the debate—and those writing about it—will get a little more honest and a little more knowledgeable than they have been the past two weeks.