• Here you have a new data analysis competition, this time brought to us by DrivenData: Naive Bees Classifier. From the competition description: Metis wants to know: using images from BeeSpotter can you identify a bee as a honey bee or a bumble bee? These bees have different behaviors and appearances, but given the variety of backgrounds, positions, and image resolutions it can be a challenge for machines to tell them apart.

  • Did you know there are R packages entirely focused on baseball analysis? Me neither!

  • Does the bias / variance difference confuse you? Not anymore!.

  • Here you have a book (still in progress): Machine learning cheatsheet.

  • It was just brought to my attention that the Open Data Science Conference will take place in San Francisco on November 14th and 15th.

  • A presentation: Statistics for Hackers. Because math is hard, but coding the math is a bit easier.