You can invoke Godwin's on this one, but I don't really care.

Consider this following piece of javascript code (adapted from here, as my JS is really rusty):

function htmlreplace(a, b, element) {
    if (!element) element = document.body;
    var nodes = element.childNodes;
    for (var n=0; n<nodes.length; n++) {
        if (nodes[n].nodeType == Node.TEXT_NODE) {
            var r = new RegExp(a, 'gi');
            nodes[n].textContent = nodes[n].textContent.replace(r, b);
        } else {
            htmlreplace(a, b, nodes[n]);
htmlreplace('Muslim refugees','Jews');
htmlreplace('muslim refugees','jews');

Now you take this same code <a href="javascript:function%20htmlreplace(a,b,element){if(!element)element=document.body;var%20nodes=element.childNodes;for(var%20n=0;nin bookmarklet format and drag it to your bookmark bar.

And load this, for instance. You will get something like the following (partial) screenshot:

The original news article

And now run the bookmarklet. It will get transformed into:

The modified news article

Beautiful. You can run it on any news site (in English) that is reporting on the current refugee / muslim crisis. Let the fun begin.

Hat tip to Fidel Alfaro for proposing a number of improvements.