Apollo Reloaded

Una buena noticia para los aficionados a la astronomía de ahí fuera: se está creando un archivo original con escaneos de las imágenes originales tomadas durante la misión Apolo.

To record their historic voyages and collect scientific observations many thousands of photographs were acquired with handheld and automated cameras during all the Apollo missions. After returning to Earth, the film was developed and stored at Johnson Space Center (JSC), where they still reside. Due to the historical significance of the original flight films, typically only duplicate (2nd or 3rd generation) film products are currently available for study and used to make prints.

To allow full access to the original flight films for both researchers and the general public, Johnson Space Center and Arizona State University’s Space Exploration Resources are scanning and creating an online digital archive of all the original Apollo flight films. Through this online interface, users may browse through the archive and download any of the images. This web site also provides a suite of resources regarding the images and the cameras that were used during the Apollo program. Finally, the scanning process is estimated to take three years with the first production scans recorded in late June 2007.

Esas primeras imágenes ya están disponibles y son, simplemente, maravillosas, a pesar de ser escasas. Valga un ejemplo:

Imágenes de la misión Apolo

Zoom sobre la misma imagen:

Zoom sobre la imagen anterior

Otros de los recursos disponibles, para los curiosos y estudiosos del asunto, incluyen artículos de la época tales como “Photographic Systems for Apollo”.

(Visto en Bad Astronomy Blog.)

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